Enduring Gifts

The Enduring Gifts area at Collegiate United Methodist Church is located near the entrance to Nichols Chapel. There you will find a beautiful, peaceful area that includes a touch-screen monitor with a searchable database. Information about each person who is honored or memorialized is included, as well as additional materials about Enduring Gifts. This information can also be accessed remotely (EnduringGifts.org).

Enduring Gifts may be designated to the following areas:

  • Campus Ministries — Gifts to this fund help ensure Collegiate-Wesley can continue to minister to the Iowa State University community. The Wesley Foundation directs this ministry to Iowa State University students, faculty, staff, and their families.
  • Capital improvements and unbudgeted maintenance — The Board of Trustees does an excellent job of maintaining our campus; nonetheless, there are often improvements and maintenance that are not included in the annual budget. This fund provides support toward completing these projects.
  • Christian Education Ministries — Our goal as United Methodists is one of lifetime learning, moving on towards perfection in love. This ministry helps ensure a diverse congregation of all ages receive the educational opportunities they need to challenge them on their journey of faith and to help them grow in faith, understanding, and love of God.
  • Endowment Fund — The gift amount is invested and the interest earned on the investment is available to use for the benefit of the church. A portion of the interest earnings are also re-invested into the principal to ensure funds will grow to meet the needs of the future.  A gift to the endowment fund guarantees the support of the church in perpetuity.
  • Evangelism and Hospitality Ministries — This ministry involves two primary responsibilities of Christians: radical hospitality and evangelism. The ministries of this cluster seek to invite persons who have not made a decision to follow Christ into that commitment, while extending hospitality, invitation, reconciliation, welcoming, and witness.
  • G.S. Nichols Scholarships — Nichols Scholarships provide financial aid to students from Collegiate-Wesley who plan a career in Christian service. The scholarships were established in 1959 to honor the long-time pastoral ministry of G.S. (Sam) Nichols, who served Collegiate-Wesley for 25 years.
  • Mission Ministries — This ministry is about mission and service, which is an outward response to inward understanding of our faith. The goal of this cluster is to identify the pressing needs of the day, and to encourage and support the congregation to meet those needs through time, effort, sacrifice, prayer, money, and involvement.
  • Music Ministries — The wide variety and excellence of the music program is an integral part of Collegiate-Wesley’s history. Maintaining this wonderful ministry is an important aspect of the future of Collegiate-Wesley.
  • Spiritual and Emotional Health Ministries — This ministry oversees the lay activities of pastoral care for the congregation, developing and coordinating opportunities for Christian fellowship, and providing spiritual nurturing and support. It seeks to provide compassionate, caring concern through personal contact with members of the church family who have a special need and are seeking spiritual support.
  • Worship Ministries — This ministry seeks to provide the congregation with opportunities to connect to God in love, thanks, reverence, and praise. It is responsible for keeping worship relevant to a diverse group of worshipers and challenging them to a deeper expression of faith.  Word, sacrament, music, prayer, and other expressions of faith are all avenues in which we serve God through worship.
  • General/Undesignated — Contributions specified to this fund will be used to fill needs that are not specifically addressed in any of the other funds, including the updating of the Enduring Gifts display area.